Dallas City Council Candidates at Stonewall Democrats Endorsement Interviews

The Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is: “an organization of politically active individuals working for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community in the city of Dallas and the state of Texas” and is also a well-organized political group that’s been active in Texas since 1999. They held candidate interviews for endorsements on March 11 and we attended and took notes on where candidates stood on different issues. You can find notes here on the 2nd tab.

This group stands for many of the same values & progressive stances on issues that our group does, so we value their endorsements and share them here for your review. It’s a good starting point for voting if you believe in progressive values, especially LGBTQ rights.

Endorsements Summary:


Those not in attendance:

You can also find the candidate answers to their survey here.

Remember to REGISTER to vote by April 6th to vote in this upcoming election on May 6th! Contact us if you need help registering to vote.

And join our Facebook group if you want to get more involved in being a part of the solution.




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