Dallas City Council – District 3 Candidates @ Monday Night Politics

We attended the Monday Politics event held by www.DallasExaminer.com bringing together the candidates for the upcoming May 6 election so that people can hear what they are all about. Tonight’s session featured seats 3 (SW Oak Cliff, Red Bird) and 7 (Fair Park, S. Dallas, S.E. Dallas).  We will cover District 7 in a separate post for brevity. Future events can be found here.

The moderator asked each candidate a few questions and then community members present asked some questions. There were set time limits on each answer. It was a well run event with an over capacity room at the African American Museum.

We present below some notes on what the candidates said. Mostly presented without color commentary…but we couldn’t resist a few bits of color.

District 3

Topic Joe Tave Casey Thomas (I) Sandra Crenshaw
Why I’m running There is a crisis of leadership & I want to solve it. I’ve made great progress so far and want more time to complete the work I’ve started. I’ve been working for 50 years and feel that the freshman city council members need more experience.
What is your vision for the Executive Airport in District 3? Opportunity for jobs and development in the area. In 30 days will have update red bird park sportsplex in the same area which will be mixed use retail & mixed income housing. Council members in neighboring districts need to work together because they haven’t been.
What do you propose for the food desert in D3? Demand more from developers. But need to do our part to shop in our neighborhood. Hosted event on how to end food deserts recently. Take advantage of funding for community gardens and farmers markets while also holding developers accountable. Do better job about cleaning up the area and be better consumers.
Thoughts on vouchers for housing. Here to listen & represent disenfranchised. Voted against requiring new development to take vouchers because we were advised that that would put city of Dallas in legal peril. A 250k house does not generate enough taxes to pay for basic services. Lawsuits are sometimes necessary to change unfair treatment.
Do you support Dallas being a sanctuary city? Yes. Yes. And supports City Manager new org chart including Office of Welcoming Communities. Yes.
Thoughts on warehousing development in Mountain Creek area. Does not support zoning changes but this is happening all over D3.  Does not support zoning change. Met multiple times w community & developer to express this but developer owns land and is going ahead anyway. Spoke about charter school recently built in the area that is bringing in more traffic because D3 incumbent could not get support.


Other interesting tidbits and general shade:

  • Lots of references to the 4 freshmen council members (including the incumbent being bulldozed by mayor & senior members
  • Crenshaw says “If someone tells you I’m crazy, they are not your friend.” hmmm
  • Read more about Red Bird Center

Stay tuned for District 7 notes soon…

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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