Dallas City Council & School Board Elections May 6, 2017

*updated 3/8 with list of DISD candidates*

We are all concerned about what is happening in our Federal government, but change must really start at the local level now. Next up for Dallas are the May 6th Municipal elections where All City Council & three DISD School Board seats are up.

Key Dates:

  • April 6 – Last day to register to vote for this election (Am I Registered?) (Voter Registration Application to Mail in)
  • April 24-May 2 – Early Voting period (vote at any time that fits your schedule!)
  • April 25 – Deadline to apply to Vote by Mail
  • May 6 – Election Day! (It’s a Saturday too!)

The City Council is in charge of governing our city, including establishing policies, approving budgets, determining tax rates, and more. They are also an early stepping stone for offices in our State & Federal government.

In this election 11 of the 14 City Council seats and 2 out of 3 DISD seats are contested. These elections are NOT partisan, so you can’t vote straight Democrat or Republican. In upcoming posts, we will attempt to gather this information for you so you can make the best decision on May 6.

Who can I vote for?

First you have to check to see which City districts you are in. You can do that HERE.
Then check which DISD district you live in HERE.

Who is running & what are they all about?

Here’s our handy list of candidates and their online presence so far. We recommend following the candidates in your district so you can see what they are saying. We will be updating this as we learn more. If there is a mistake on here, we are happy to correct it. We are just gathering the information that we can find. Apologies in advance for any mistakes.

Alright, that’s it for now. Stay tuned to learn more about these upcoming elections and look out events in the downtown area to meet up, get registered to vote, learn more about politics from your fellow citizens who are committed to creating a more just world starting right here, right now.


Team Indivisible Dallas


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